‘Grey-Blending’ is The New Hair Technique You Need to Know About

We all know grey hair can be very polarising – those that have it likely sit on one side of the fence, either happily ‘embracing their greys’ or steadfastly covering them up.

No matter the side of fence you’re sitting on, this new hair technique could be the answer to your prayers.

Move over Silver Foxes and enter Grey-Blending. What is Grey-Blending we hear you ask? We recently sat down with Grow’s Expert Belinda Keeley from Chumba Concept Salon to get the low down.  

What is grey-blending?

‘Grey-Blending’ is a new technique that’s being touted as the happy medium between ‘embracing your greys’ and dying or covering them up. It’s a move toward natural hair enhancement, a way of disguising greys by blending them with highlights, thus creating light and shade throughout your hair.

The idea is that the highlights will offset or enhance the grey stands for a more blended and natural look. Highlights are blended in throughout your locks, breaking up blocks of colour and leaving you with hair that is still grey, but less stark.

A fun way of thinking of it is like adding more pepper to that salt! Celebs like Salma Hayek and Jennifer Aniston have achieved varying  degrees of Grey-Blending in the past so there’s no need to shy away! 

How can we achieve grey-blending?

Depending on the salon you consult, grey-blending can be achieved in a variety of ways. Either foil highlights, balayage or foilyage are techniques used to achieve the look, however it all cases it really should depend on the hair type.

At Chumba Concept Salon we focus on taking the time with our clients to ask the right questions so we can achieve the desired results. Everyone is different and every hair is different so it’s important that a look that suits the client and is low maintenance can be achieved.

If Grey-Blending is something you’re considering, be sure to do your research first. There are many different techniques however some do hair their limitations and won’t achieve a universal outcome.

Always make sure you have a thoughtful hair consultation with your hair stylist before letting them get to work. Pictures always help a hair stylist and can ensure you’re both on the same page visually! 

What else do we need to know?

Grey-Blending should be relatively low maintenance as no one wants to be visiting the salon every 4 weeks (especially in this climate)! Ensure that you mention to your stylist that you want a no-fuss outcome and be sure to do the upkeep at home.

Depending on the shade of grey, you may want to implement a purple shampoo into your routine to eliminate any yellow tones, such as PRO:VOKE’s Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo. Also introduce a weekly hair mask into your routine to ensure you’re nourishing and protecting your hair from the roots down. We love Grow’s Anti-Breakage Hair Mask that is formulated to help strengthen and protect the hair within just 10 minutes. Grow’s Anti-Breakage Hair Mask provides a potent and intense conditioning treatment that will not only nourish and protect, but prevent damage and breakage caused by environmental stress, chemical treatments or over styling. 

If you’ve constantly covered up your greys, the idea of Grey-Blending could be scary at first. If you’re not sure, you can certainly play with the tones and do a Grey-Blend gradually rather than going for a fully grown out look. The beauty is that you can let just a little grey shine through or if you’re ready, let your natural greys show! 

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