Drug power of hope: Corona-patients after Remdesivir-treatment dismissed

A further step in the fight against the Coronavirus: A new clinical study to have demonstrated positive effects by Remdesivir to about 100 corona patients. Almost all of the patients had been discharged after only a week.

Doctors at the University of Chicago resulted in a drug study at more than 100 corona patients. As the health portal "STAT" reported, almost all patients within a few days again have been made redundant. An official communication to the study, but there is as yet.

The Doctors conducted their clinical studies according to information from "STAT" of 125 patients who had been confirmed with Sars-CoV-2. 113 of the patients were seriously ill. Over several days the physician treated the patient with Remdesivir infusions.

In Remdesivir it is a still not as a drug for Covid-19 approved active ingredient. It was originally developed against Ebola and comes from the Californian pharmaceutical firm Gilead Sciences. It is one of the first resources, which could affect Covid-19-diseases in lab tests proven to be positive.

Now the pharmaceutical companies are waiting for more clinical studies to gain approval by the us Food and drug administration, FDA, and other regulatory berhörden. The medium in further studies should be as safe and effective, it could be the first approved drug against the disease.

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Coronavirus patients were discharged after six days

The clinical study from Chicago is a first step in that direction. As the Doctors report, noticed, the patients with a decrease in breathing, the fever let up. “The best news is that most of our patients were already discharged, which is great. We only had two patients that were killed, “ said Kathleen Mullane to "STAT"-Information. Mullane is a specialist for infectious diseases at the University of Chicago, who oversaw the Remdesivir studies for the hospital.

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She spoke in a video conference with other faculty members of the University of Chiacago on their findings. The conversation was recorded, "STAT" according to its own information, a copy of this video.

The health portal contacted the Coroner to see this confirmed the existence of the Videos, but not comment on them. The results showed only a snapshot of the effectiveness of Remdesivir. Other institutions are currently performing similar studies, the safety and effect of the By means of demonstrate.

She was encouraged by the results of the study, but would warn against drawing big conclusions from it. The study had no placebo group was included, a comparison of the effect of hiring.

Particularly positive was however, that most of the severe cases were discharged in under a week. Her fever had rapidly decreased, and also ventilators have used the least after the first day. Only three of the patients had taken longer than six days stay in the hospital.

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Pharmaceutical company wants to wait for more studies

A few days ago had already pointed out a further study on the positive effect of Remdesivir. Of the 53 treated patients, it was concluded that two-thirds to a clinical improvement, as scientists from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in the "The New England Journal of Medicine" reports.

Small studies like this to no great conclusions. However, PCs provide more and more information on the effect of Remdesivir. In the future, further results will be presented.

In a statement on Thursday, the pharmaceutical company Gilead, expressed initially reluctant: "What we can say at the present time, is that we are looking forward to the fact that data from ongoing studies become available." With further study, the results of the group expect in April.

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