Bonn researchers Top virologist Streeck plan further Heinsberg-study

Researchers at the University hospital of Bonn plan, in the words of North Rhine-Westphalia health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), a further study in especially from Coronavirus-affected district of Heinsberg. You should clarify how long a immunity in Corona-continue the patient.

The state government is examining whether they supported the study financially. Much of this talk, said Laumann. A first study by researchers at the University hospital under the guidance of virologists Hendrik Streeck had attracted a lot of attention but also criticism of the methodology and be accompanied by a PR Agency. The Heinsberg-study of virologists, Hendrik Streeck has delivered results for Corona Infections. But is talking mostly about the PR for the “Heinsberg-Protocol”. Streeck feels in his honour as a scientist, hurt, and fights.

“Goofy walked back,” but Streeck has allegations to Heinsberg-study

On Wednesday, a virologist Streeck had rejected allegations of decided, he had had his study on the Corona-infection happened in the district of Heinsberg market. “That was no marketing,” said Streeck in the health Committee of the Parliament. “I’m personally very nice, that is the way.”

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The public Relations for the Heinsberg study by the Berlin-based Agency story machine in the social media had sparked criticism. Also the early publication of interim results of the study, a month ago, had been criticised by some fellow scientists Streecks. They criticized that they had at the time of the press conference, the interim results are still not writing in a scientific article is available. The Heinsberg-study was to have been commissioned by the NRW state government.

Streeck admitted error in a public Relations work for the study. Today he knows: “It is stupid to run.” He had been with his Team, but in a Situation in which “an awful lot of people” in the study and the spread of the Corona Virus interested had been.

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