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PARIS — WAAM Cosmetics, the four-year-old French natural, do-it-yourself beauty brand, has raised 1.5 million euros with Karot Capital and BPI France in its first round of funding.
“Our objective is to accelerate our development to take a leadership position in a strongly growing market that we have believed in for four years,” Dieynaba Ndoye, the brand’s founder, said in a statement. “Our wish is to share our vision of natural and customizable beauty with the greatest number .”
WAAM’s product line, sourced sustainably from around the world, includes plant-based oils and butters, floral waters, essential oils, clays and natural actives, plus tools and accessories for mixing formulas. Day creams, shampoos, hair treatments, toothpaste, deodorants, serums and lip balms are among the products that can be created with the ingredients.
Consumers are given a range of recipes to follow, if they choose.
WAAM was born online but is now also sold in brick-and-mortar stores, including Di Beauty & Care in Belgium and, more recently in Monoprix. The brand is carried in almost 700 sales points in France and abroad.
“The success of WAAM over the past three years reflects the growing interest in do-it-yourself cosmetics based on natural and healthy products,” said C.A. Morand, an associate at Karot Capital. “These new means made available to an entrepreneur who until now was self-financed will allow her to accelerate even more, to the benefit of everyone.”
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