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alt="Targeting telomeres might be an effective therapeutic strategy against lung cancer, according to study"
title="Increased amplification frequency, copy number values and mRNA expression of TERT in NSCLC patients, and reduced tumor implantation in TERT-deficient mice upon lung tumor induction. Amplification frequency (A), copy number values (B) mRNA expression levels of TERT (C) and Pearson correlation of mRNA expression with copy number values of TERT (D) in lung tissues from NSCLC patients, and survival probability in NSCLC patients with high and low TERT expression (E) obtained from the Kaplan–Meier Plotter database. F Correlation between the expression of TERT and immune infiltrates in NSCLC patients from the TCGA using the TIMER 2.0 database. G, H Generation of Tert+/+ and G3 Tert−/− mice and protocol for the induction of Lewis Lung Carcinoma (LLC). G Heterozygous Tert+/− mice were crossed to obtain Tert+/+ and G1 Tert−/− mice, and successive crosses between G1 Tert−/− and then G2 Tert−/− were set to generate G3 Tert−/− mice. H 1 ×106 Lewis cells suspended in 100 µl of DMEM or equal volume of DMEM (controls) were injected via the tail vein of 10–12 weeks old Tert+/+ and G3 Tert−/− male mice on day 0 (D0). An in vivo follow follow-up of survival was carried out until sample collection on day 14 (D14). Kaplan–Meier survival curves (I), zithromax générique representative images of LLC-challenged Tert+/+ and G3 Tert−/− lungs and controls (H&amp;E) (J), and quantification of lung tumor area (K, L) and foci (M) in Tert+/+ and G3 Tert−/− mice. N Representative Telomeric repeat amplification protocol (TRAP) using S-100 lung extracts from LLC-challenged Tert+/+ and G3 Tert−/− mice and controls, where protein concentration is indicated. Extracts were treated (+) or not (−) with RNase as a negative control (exposition time: 48 h). An internal control (IC) for PCR efficiency was also included and arrows indicate the lane used for quantification. O Quantification of Telomerase activity in lung extracts from LLC-challenged Tert+/+ and G3 Tert−/− mice and controls expressed in arbitrary units (a.u). P Lung tissue mRNA expression levels of Tert normalized to 18S expression in Tert+/+ and G3 Tert−/− mice. Data are expressed as mean ± SEM (the number of mice is indicated in each case). ***p &lt; 0.001 (Dunn–Sidak test for multiple comparisons and Mann–Whitney or unpaired t tests to compare 2 independent groups). Survival was assessed by the Kaplan–Meier analysis, using the log Rank (Mantel–Cox) test). Credit: Cell Death & Differentiation (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41418-023-01149-6″ width=”800″ height=”530″>

Focus on the tumor microenvironment

Telomerase deficiency

Damaged telomeres hold back the tumor

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