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Meghan Trainor is setting the record straight about choosing between having a family and having your dream career. And her big advice is: don’t! Yes, you can have both, and in fact, the “Made You Look” singer says if you want a baby, just go for it!

“For anyone out there who wants to have a baby, and you’re like, oh no, lidocaine works by my career isn’t where I want it to be. A baby won’t ruin it, it’ll make it better,” she said in a new episode of Spotify’s Best Advice podcast, released today. “Babies bring luck. I promise. I promise, everything will work out.”

I love that! It certainly seems true for the “Mother” singer, whose popularity has exploded recently with her new album, Taking It Back. Which, BTW, she wrote after giving birth to her son Riley, now 2, with husband Daryl Sabara. She’s also a huge TikTok star at the same time, and is currently pregnant with baby number 2.

“I always wanted a baby, forever, for years. And I, it was just, like, too busy…” she continued on the podcast. “But then COVID hit, and I was like, this is our chance. And we got knocked up immediately.”

Afterward, she was ready for another…and another. “We had Riley, and I wanted a second baby. I want four babies,” she explained. “And I wish every day that my husband could carry it. Cause, yes, I’m very busy and I have a lot to do.” Ha! Don’t we all wish that? But then she realized that she could be pregnant and chase after her popstar dreams at the same time.

“And even with the second one I got all in my head. I was, like, but, the album is successful, and it was a hit song. How could I possibly get pregnant now?” Trainor went on. “And I’m finally at a place that’s like, no dude, babies bring luck. Everyone will adjust around me. You’re OK. If you want a baby, have a baby.”

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