Are women really better at finding and remembering words than men? Large study settles score: Textbooks and popular science books claim with certainty that women are better at finding words and remembering words, but is this really a fact?

“Women are better. The female advantage is consistent across time and life span, but it is also relatively small,” says Marco Hirnstein, professor at The University of Bergen, Norway.

Hirnstein is interested in how biological, psychological, and social factors contribute to sex/gender differences in cognitive abilities and what the underlying brain mechanisms are.

Will the results finally settle pub debates on who’s better?

“So far, the focus has mostly been on abilities, in which men excel. However, in recent years the focus has shifted more towards women,” says Hirnstein.

We thought Women were better — and they are!

The origin of these sex/gender differences; nature versus nurture — and the potential consequences of these differences have been the subject of big societal debates. As in do men and women have different talents for different professions?

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